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Twin Falls, Idaho. (at Twin Falls, ID)
Twin Falls, Idaho. (at Twin Falls, ID)



The picture above is from Jr. high.. when we fell in love. The last day of 8th grade.
My parents first found out that Emily(left side of picture) was gay and banned the “pussy licker” from my house when I had just turned 16 years old. I was mad in response telling them that I was also gay. Then I was grounded. No internet on my phone. No texting or making calls to anyone except my parents/family. No car.
I had no way to talk to Emily except for at school, and we had no classes together. Not even lunch.
I tried to talk to her on my ipod. CAUGHT. Even on my mom’s cell phone..but I fell asleep with it.. CAUGHT… UGH. It was so annoying.
Eventually, they thought I had “come to my senses” and let me text people (still blocking emilys number).. and they let me have my car back because I had a job at Subway and they were tired of taking me back and forth to work. BUT. They put GPS family tracking or whatever on my phone to track where I am at all times, and my mom would receive a text message if I were ANYWHERE near emily’s house. This was when I was over 16 1/2 years old..
At first, I was miserable. But then Emily started to come and see me at Subway..and helping me close.. I got caught by my boss and almost got fired because of it..
I started to become sneaky… I would leave my phone on the outside of the subway at night saying I worked late and drive to her house until midnight and leave to get my phone and then speed home.. and when I say speed.. I mean driving 110 miles per hour on a 65 mile per hour road…and the same on a 30 mile per hour dirt road..
I got caught at her house twice..
My mom tried to put me in CHRISTIAN SCHOOL.
I refused to go saying I wanted to graduate with the senior class I grew up with…that if she put me in that school I would drop out and become a nobody. She said she was taking me out of her will and I responded with an “I don’t care. I don’t need any of your stuff.”
So I just continued to sneak around FINDING ways to see Emily..going on fake “dates” with boys and when they came to get me from my house Emily would be in their trunk… haha. I even got a vase full of red roses from my “boyfriend.” My mom looked delighted when she saw them… HA!
Eventually when I turned 17 I told them to accept who I was or I’m moving out. I moved out in to emily’s house and about two weeks later they came crawling back wanting to compromise.
At first I could only go see Emily at her house because she didn’t want “that stuff” going on in her house…
To make this already long story short…
Eventually, she learned to deal with it and now Emily and my mother are talking like normal people and friendly. I am now 18 years old. My mom still doesn’t like it but she just deals with it because she loves me.
I’m truly thankful for that, although I know it still bothers her.

The picture above is the day that Emily got banned from my house. We have several pictures of that day and every time I look at them I get chills. It was a great day to start out, and then it just ended horribly. It was also the LAST day of summer before my junior year of high school..
We are so happy now and will be getting married soon.
I guess what I’m trying to say is… DO NOT LET ANYONE TELL YOU WHO YOU CAN AND CANNOT LOVE.
It’s something you have to decide and fight for.
Love is love.
If you need advice, we are here.
To see us now, go to the OurPersonalBlog link and go to the drop down box and click “watch as we change.”
Thank you for reading our story.
-Emily and Rachel.




who wears the pants in the relationship? well preferably no one will be wearing pants


when you open the fridge after your mom went grocery shopping


sitting down and remembering you left your drink in the kitchen




Farts are the ghosts of the food we eat



When your teacher puts their hand on your shoulder



i love riding d*cks



i hope the light at the end of the tunnel is a computer screen